Old Soul





Benjamin Barker



Julian’s style influence and role model of the moment is Don Draper, a character from the TV series Mad Men, and we definitely see the old-school, classic charm of his outfit. In sharp, clean-cut staples and with a close attention to detail, Julian says that a Tom Ford documentary also left a mark on him. “He said, “Dress like what you want to become.”” When asked for some time-saving tips for getting ready in the morning, Julian says: “Iron your clothes the night before. Trust me.” Having studied Design Communication in school and now working at a fashion magazine, he is very happy with his job. “This is what I wanted to do three years back when I was in art college, and this is the exact thing I want to do right now.” With Frank Sinatra on his playlist, and Don Draper on his mind, we’re sure this go-getter will go far.

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