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How would you describe your style?
I like something’s that feminine yet dynamic, or simple designs with a twist. Something that’s well-tailored with a good cut and nice fabric’s really important as well. During the week it’s more practical, but I also like dressing up for client meetings. If I go into a high-powered meeting, pearls or gold are my staple. (laughs) Navy blue works really well for meetings too, it makes me look very serious.

Accessories are my staple.
I never leave the house without earrings, at least, and I tend to always have some bangles on as well. These bracelets are gifts from different family members when I got married, and they’re very precious to me. This one’s got different charms—basically for good luck and to ward off evil.

Something that people don’t really know about me:
I have a bag fetish, and I have one specific bag for different occasions—there’s one for travelling, one for work, a couple for an evening out, weekends, or going to the beach. (laughs)

Best decision I’ve ever made:
Probably starting my own business. I really feel at home with what I’m doing, that I’ve arrived at where I’m supposed to be professionally. It has also been just super exciting—the whole journey from figuring out how to start a business, making it work, and growing it day by day. 

What’s a work perk-me-up for you?
Well, it’s a mix of different things, but I work out of a co-working space so whenever I need support, love, or just somebody to cheer me up, I go there for some energy. Coffee and swimming work well too—I have my best ideas when I go swimming. And of course a lot of brainwashing. (laughs) When you’re an entrepreneur and you start your own business you need a lot of brainwashing to tell yourself that you can do this, and that your idea is going to work as long as you keep on working on it.

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