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I’m actually from Montreal, Canada.
We’re touring Singapore for a week or so—I’m here with a friend for a holiday, and we’re really sad to be leaving all the sunshine and going back home to bleary snow and winter (laughs).

Which place were you most fond of during your trip?
Haji Lane has been a fun and whimsical place to explore. I think being able to walk around and just soak in the sun and the architecture has been a delight. We also managed to drink a lot of coffee—people always tell us the coffee in Montreal is great, but in fact I think what we’ve tasted here has been much better.

Tell us the story behind your hair.
I dyed my hair this colour last summer—it’s quite bright and bold, and I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do. When I got the chance to dye it again during my break, I just naturally decided to go back to green.

A genre that would represent you best:
Alternative pop: it’s mainstream, but still different enough to stand alone.

How would you describe your fashion sense?
I have three modes actually: there’s lazy, practical, and dressed up. You caught me on one of the dressed-up days.

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