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Lydia draws style inspiration from two cultures: “Scandinavian style for its minimalism, and Parisian style for its effortless-ness.” Her look is a mix of both, and she says she tends to steer away from tight-fitting clothes. “Loose fits and volume are not only more comfortable, they are also more fun to play with, and you can create more varied and structured looks which are infinitely more interesting, visually.” She also personalises her look with the watches she wears, many of which are passed down to her from her mother, picking the watch to match her look. Lydia loves all things fashion, and dreams of being a professional fashion blogger some day, even though she thinks it’s “really, really difficult!” Alternatively, she would love to work in the fashion or media industry, perhaps while updating her blog. “It’s where I post anything and everything that I love, but mostly it’s about fashion. It’s more of a hobby and passion-project than something serious, but I love doing it more than anything.” As a Communication student, Lydia is well on her way to achieving her dreams, and she says that along the way, she’s met some of the most “interesting, talented, cultured, hard-working and fun-loving people”. She’s discovered that it’s important to be open-minded, humble, and eager to learn, and to be nice and genuine to everyone. In her free time, when she’s not working on her own blog, Lydia turns to other fashion blogs for inspiration. “I also like listening to or discovering new music, watching films and TV shows, reading books and magazines, photography, and travelling. I do try to keep an active lifestyle; I try my best to run frequently and do high-intensity interval training workouts when I have the time.” Whether it’s pursuing her passions, or chasing her dreams, Lydia believes that time is precious. “Life is too short, so don’t overthink, and do whatever the hell you want.”

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