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If you could swap lives with someone famous for a day, who would you choose?
As much as I hate to admit it—Kris Jenner. Despite the controversy I think she’s a marketing and business genius and I’d love to fill her shoes for a day to learn as many secrets as I can. It also wouldn’t hurt to have that much money for a day.

Between having more time or money, what would you choose?
Time. One of my favourite mantras is that money can be earned, but you can’t earn time. It’s definitely a great self-reminder whenever I feel like I’m getting too immersed in work and neglecting my loved ones.

If you had the chance to title you own autobiography, what would you call it?
Mind the Typos. I can’t spell to save my life so I’d imagine my autobiography would be filled with countless spelling errors (thank God for autocorrect) and it also could be a metaphor to the hiccups I’ve made and learned from through my life.

Describe yourself in three emojis—why did you choose these in particular?
🐣🌶😚I’m small but I can get feisty (or as most people might say, have a temper); but I also like to think I have a lot of love to give. 

If you could choose a singer or group to sing the soundtrack of your life, who would it be?
The 1975: I love them dearly and I get super in my feelings every time I hear one of their songs. Maybe if they sang the soundtrack of my life, I might be as cool or edgy as them.

What are some life skills you think should be taught in school?
I cannot stress enough the importance of teaching Sex Ed properly in school. I think most Singaporeans probably see this as taboo, which is why the current version of “sex ed” mainly stresses on how important abstinence is, but it’s more crucial to teach people how to have safe sex and to normalise the topic in general.

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