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Tell us more about yourself.
I’m trying to fund my studies with my barista side job—I’m hoping to do further studies in Biochemical Engineering.

What’s a song you’d pick as the theme song of your life?
I’m quite into indie rock music, so I think any song by Slowdive would be a good fit. If I had to choose one, it’d be Don’t Know Why.

If you could choose to live as a character in a movie for one day, who would it be?
I would choose Saoirse Ronan as Agatha in The Grand Budapest Hotel—it’s one of my favourite Wes Anderson movies and I think the storyline will be very fascinating to be a part of.

Is there a mythical creature you wish actually existed?
Instead of a mythical creature, I’ll go with a fictional character. I think I’d like to see Godzilla in real life, partly because of how my name corresponds to it.

Where do you see yourself in a decade’s time?
There’s really nothing more I would want in life than to start a small beautiful family with my spouse in a decade’s time.

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