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Tell us more about where you’re from and what brings you to Singapore.
I’m from Jakarta, and I’m here with my husband on a business trip! He’s here for actual work (we run a small business together), while I’m here as his Personal Assistant, to take care of his food, finances, psychological wellbeing, and all that (laughs).

But really, I’m a housewife!

How do you usually spend your free time back home?
I take care of our two dogs and four cats—they’re all rescues! My husband and I like to go to animal shelters as we have friends who run them. So my free time is spent hanging out with my husband, animals, family, and friends.

You must be a huge animal lover then! Did you have pets growing up?
Yes that’s right, I am! Before I was even born onto this Earth, my family already had a dog, so since I was a kid, I’ve loved pets and animals. My husband and I have also been vegetarian for the sake of animals since 2018.

We don’t always have spare time to cook, so we mostly eat out. Thankfully, there are a lot more vegan and vegetarian options in Jakarta now as compared to 2018! My number 1 place to eat at is Burgreens—they have boba, Western food, and Indonesian food. Plus, it’s near my home in Jakarta! My second favourite spot is Vegenzy Kitchen, which is an online plant-based caterer.

Are you planning on adopting any more?
Of course! But we also need to know our limit in terms of time and space. I help out in my husband’s small business and also have to walk our two dogs and play with our four cats daily, which is a lot of time! I also have to spend quality time with my husband.

My dream is actually to start a pet sanctuary in the future, if I have the time.

How do you enjoy spending quality time with your husband?
We like to walk around or run and jog in parks in Jakarta. The pollution is quite bad there, so we can’t always walk around on the streets like here in Singapore.

We also like to go to the cinema to watch movies, and try out different vegetarian and plant-based food places in Indonesia.

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