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As someone working in the tourism sector, what’s one misconception people have about your line of work?
The tourism board does a lot less marketing than people assume we do. Most times the work we do can be considered quite dry—we take care of the regulations, and the technical and physical planning aspects.

How long do you think you’ll last in a zombie apocalypse?
Oh, I’ll die straightaway—by choice. That’ll be easier for everyone.

If you had to pick one instrument to represent yourself, what would it be?
For someone who played percussion for many years, I actually don’t like too much noise. If I had to choose to be an instrument though, I think I’ll be a snare drum. It’s sharp and has a different presence.

Are there any new year resolutions you’ve kept for this year?
I try not to keep resolutions because I’ve realised that when I do make them, I become more determined not to keep them. I do have things I want to get better in every year though—for this year, I hope I can be better with my finances.

A song that you feel best describes yourself:
Poetry by Dead Men by Sara Bareilles and Soulmate by Lizzo. I don’t know if they actually describe me that well, but I really love these two songs (laughs).

Favourite place in Singapore, apart from home:
Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee—can you tell I’m addicted to coffee?

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