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How did you get into the business of hair?
I used to work in Japan as an engineer, and I used to cut my hair at +LIM. One day my stylist told me that they were going to open a branch in Singapore, so they set up a meeting between me and the director. We started talking, and I asked them if they needed any help—that’s how I started working at +LIM.

What made you decide to change careers?
I really liked this hair salon. Whenever I go, it’s an experience; it’s not just about going to get a haircut, but to relax, to enjoy yourself, or even get inspired. When I was a customer, I was very fascinated by their skill and how it can transform your hair. And because most of the stylists are very friendly, we ended up becoming friends. All this goes beyond just being a hair salon, which is why I’m willing to pay for the experience.

You spend half your time in London now, where the hair salon has another branch. Is it tiring to be travelling so often?

I think it’s quite a good arrangement for me—when I spend too long in one place then it just gets to me, and I look for a change in environment. So it’s good that I get to shuffle between Singapore and London, but at the end of the day I still prefer being in Asia. I’m still very Asian at heart, and I’m always happy to be back.

What, to you, makes a good hair cut?
A good haircut isn’t just about the style, but how the hair works for the individual on a day-to-day basis. When hair is cut well it should grow out well; it shouldn’t get too out of shape. That’s something that you can only find out after a while. 

E.C. was previously seen here.

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