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Tell us more about where you’re from and what you do for work.
I’m from the Philippines and I’ve been in Singapore for four years now. I used to work in IT, but now I’m in the fashion industry working in retail.

When did you first start being interested in fashion, and what inspired this career switch?
I’ve been really interested in fashion since I was young. I love buying clothes and keeping up with fashion bloggers and vloggers, and then I gradually became interested in luxury brands. Before I started working, when I didn’t have the luxury of having money to spend, I used to daydream about how it would be like to dress a certain way or to wear certain pieces that I was eyeing. Basically, I just want to look good—that’s part of self-love to me.

As for my career switch, I just decided to pursue my interests, and it’s been the most liberating thing I’ve ever done for myself. Before this, I’d always been following what my parents wanted for me, and what my friends were doing, and what my relatives said that I should do. But we all have different paths to choose in life, and it really depends on how you’re going to work towards what you want.

Have you ever thought of going down the fashion design route?
I’ve actually been dreaming about having my own clothing brand, but I don’t have the guts and confidence. I feel like I’m still a newbie in the industry, but if it’s my destiny, whatever’s meant for me will be. So, why not?

What do you love most about your hometown?
My parents. Whenever I go back, I always make sure that I spend most of my time with them. Before the pandemic, they would visit me in Singapore twice a year and spend my birthday with me, because they know that I’m not a very sociable person (laughs).

Apart from that, I also love visiting spots like Tagaytay and Bonifacio Global City back in the Philippines. It’s always interesting to see millennials and kids there wearing whatever they want, and just being very free and independent in the way they dress.

Apart from fashion, what do you enjoy doing?
Traveling. My favourite travel destination is Thailand because I love tropical countries. I don’t have a beach body yet (laughs), but I love visiting beaches. I also like eating nice, Instagrammable food. I recently visited LeVel33 for the first time—the food and view there is amazing!

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