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Jimmy Choo

As the wind picked up and heavy rain started to fall, we were making a dash for shelter when we caught Lina doing the same. We were instantly taken by how spirited she looks, with her coiled tresses and long, bold skirt billowing in the wind. “I try not to copy any trends,” Lina says, of her personal style. “I like to have fun with my outfits, make bold choices, and mix and match. Old and new, classic with modern, patterns and colours, accessories.” What results is an ensemble bursting with individuality and character. We especially like how she balances the louder pieces with fuss-free ones, like her black top and tote. Lina moved here from Switzerland 6 years ago, because, she enthuses, “Singapore is great!” With Singaporeans known for working exceedingly hard, we asked her for tips on achieving a work-life balance.“Be organised,” she says. “I plan well and manage to have a rewarding job, to spend time with my family, and to have fun with my friends.” Between scheduling time for work, family, and activities with friends, Lina still makes it a point to have a little personal time to do something that she likes — only, it’s often at an hour where no one else’s awake. “I love to go for a run when the sun isn’t yet up.”

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