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Sang Tukang

Tell us a bit about your entrepreneurial journey.
I became jobless during Covid after working in the entertainment industry and decided to start my own business. Since I’m someone who cannot work in an office setting, I started an events business called Apesal—a play on a Malay phrase ‘ape sial’ (what’s wrong), and my name. I do personal events like birthdays, wedding solemnisations, and baby showers; they’re still on a smaller scale right now because there’s only so much I can do by myself.

Two years in, well, it’s been good. Of course it’s tiring; I think any small business owner will understand the hardships that we face. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you have any advice for new business owners like yourself?
Before you do anything else, make sure your finances are in check because capital is most important for a new business. Personally, I get my income from other part-time jobs, so I’m not planning to draw a salary for myself from Apesal at least for the next two years—everything I earn goes directly back to the company.

You’re spending time with your sister today. Are you both very close?
Yes, we’re very close. I have three other siblings whom I love, but Sarina—my second sister—is on a different level (laughs). We’re only a year apart and we just get each other, even though we’re completely different people.

We were actually having a conversation recently about the day she got married. I was the saddest little girl! It was the end of the wedding and the bride and groom were about to take their leave, but Sarina couldn’t find her bouquet, which I had made for her. I was frantically trying to find it to dry later for keepsake, but they had both left by the time I returned, without the bouquet or saying goodbye. I was so angry I burst into tears!

I went home that night and cried again because the house just didn’t feel the same without her. We’ve been together and living in the same room for 30 years after all. Even now when we say goodbye after meeting, I get sad because she’s not going home with me. Oh my god, now I’m gonna cry! (laughs)

What keeps you busy outside of your small business?
I work with plants at Little Botany and Eufloria. I love plants and have so many at home, it’s crazy! I also run an Instagram page, @salplanties, to document my plant babies and journey as a plant mum.

If you could become any plant, what would you be?
That’s a tough one! I’d choose a Burle Marx Fantasy because I just love how it looks. Despite taking a bit of time to grow, it grows really nicely, and I hope that’ll be my life journey too.

Give us one fun fact about yourself.
I love coffee way too much! My go-to order is a piccolo at The Community Coffee. The branch at Hamilton Road also carries plants from Little Botany—you should all check it out!

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