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What inspired you to start modelling?
It started as a running joke amongst friends because of my height—I’m 188cm (laughs). I sent out my headshots just for fun, got signed by an agency last year, and haven’t looked back since! It’s a decision I definitely don’t regret.

What’s something you’ve learnt from your time as a model?
Anything to do with the arts is very under-appreciated in Singapore. No one here grows up aspiring to be a model since the mindset of financial stability is heavily stressed from young.

That said, I’ve noticed that my whole aura has changed for the better since I started modelling! I was never used to being in front of a camera and always kept to myself—my Instagram account was private too. But through modelling and interactions with other people in the industry, I’ve really come out of my shell and gained a lot more confidence.

Is this something you wish to pursue full-time?
Yeah, that’s the dream! (laughs) My goal is to make it to runways for Fashion Week in Seoul and London. It’s something I’m very passionate about and will work hard towards because I believe that we have to fight for our own success.

How are you navigating towards your future and career goals?
My motto is to spend my youth exploring the world and finding out what I really like. I’m leaning towards the modelling and fashion industry for now, but I don’t want to confine myself to a specific sector just yet.

Who or what inspires your fashion style?
My go-to fashion guru is a very good friend I made in my agency. I’ll always run my outfits by her as she has great fashion sense.

Ultimately, I do think one’s fashion sense comes from within. If you embody what you’re wearing and feel good in it, you’ll look good no matter how uncoordinated the look may seem. If you’re not confident or just not feeling it, people can tell through the photos.

You have a number of trips coming up. Where will you be heading?
I’m going on a solo trip to Europe, including London, Paris, and Milan, for about 15 days before going for a school exchange programme in Taiwan. After that, I hope to explore South Korea for two to three months.

What are some destinations on your bucket list?
For now, I’d say Greece and the Maldives as I love beach destinations! Other than that, I want to visit more culturally-immersive places too like Japan, which I’ve never been to.

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