Love, Bonito


Love, Bonito





Reanne hadn’t always imagined herself to be working in banking, but she decided not to limit herself and to have a go at something different. “This advice from my secondary school form teacher has stuck with me for years: ‘It is up to you to choose if you wish to be a small fish in the big sea or a big fish in a small pond.’ He told me this while I was deciding on my choice of junior college, basically reminding me to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.” Now, Reanne has grown to be satisfied with her job, and in retrospect she’d tell herself to not lose too much sleep over her career options. “It’s okay to not know what your ideal career is. Things will work out just fine.” Ultimately, Reanne believes that it’s important to stay positive and always look to the future. “There is no point looking back and regretting what has been done. What matters more is the choice I make now, and going forward.” Being open to perspectives is also a quality Reanne tries to emulate, knowing that new ideas and advice can come from anywhere and anyone. “I am a part of everyone I have known; anyone can be my role model in different aspects and stages of my life.”

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