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“Live for yourself” is Christine’s personal motto, one she tries to exemplify by making a career out of what she most enjoys — travelling. Christine tells us how she always tries to find something she likes about each destination that she visits, knowing that it’d be a challenge staying in her line of work if she constantly thought about the things she didn’t like about each country or city. Every job has its downsides however; for Christine, it’s having no time to travel for leisure without work always being on her mind. Her goal for the coming year is to go on a personal trip. “I’m also planning to go back to school again,” says Christine. “I wouldn’t mind being a travel writer if I weren’t in this job.” Whenever Christine is back in Singapore, she tries her best to meet up with friends and keep relationships going, and though it can occasionally get lonely, she finds solace in some spiritual advice she once received from a colleague. “There’s a void in everyone. If you choose to fill it with someone or something, the someone will leave someday and material things will cease to exist too. If you choose to fill that void with God, you will never be left alone again, and this void will be permanently filled.”

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