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Charles & Keith

Tell us more about yourself:
I live in Saigon, and I’m here in Singapore for a month for training. I’m really liking it so far—Singapore has surpassed my initial expectations.

Recommend us a Vietnamese cuisine we definitely need to try:
Bún bò Hu
ế. It’s a beef noodle, with a mix of spicy, sour, and salty flavours. You should definitely come down to Vietnam to try it, don’t try it anywhere else.

Where do you hope to see yourself in a decade?
In the future, I’m hoping to start a YouTube channel. It’s just a plan for now but it’s going to be a fashion channel. The first video I want to do is about thrift shops, especially the ones in my hometown Dalat, because you can find a lot of awesome stuff in the shops there but not many people know about it.

If you could fast forward or rewind to any point in your life, which period would you choose?
I don’t actually want to go anywhere because I love myself right now and I love where I am. I don’t want to skip anything and I don’t want to go back.

What’s a personal motto of yours?
Stick to your point. Trust your instincts.

What’s one piece of clothing you’d recommend everyone to keep in their wardrobe?
A leather jacket. I think it makes all your outfits look edgy, and it suits everyone. It can be both a fashionable and professional option. It’s a little hot to wear out—but that’s fashion.

If you could choose a theme song for your life, what would it be?
I Kissed a Girl and She Kissed Me by Kid Bloom.

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