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We see you have quite a few tattoos—tell us a little about them.
I got my first tattoo with my mother when I was 16. Whenever I get a tattoo, there’s a significance behind it—I have a tattoo of a rose which represents my mother, because it’s her favourite flower. If there’s anything I wouldn’t get inked on me, it’s definitely snakes—I don’t think they’re a good omen.

Apart from your parents, who has taught you most about life?
I honestly cannot narrow it down to a single person. Every day, I come across people and scenarios that teach me values or impact me in various ways. As we grow older, it gets much easier to point out the flaws in people rather than see the good, so it’s getting harder to idolise people. But every time I see the goodness in people, it never fails to stir something within me.

Tell us about the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done:
While I was doing my degree in England, I experienced the highest and lowest times in my life. I wasn’t one of the rich kids—I studied in the day and worked during the evening. So as a graduation present to myself for having done well in university, I impulsively booked myself a ticket to Ibiza twice. I went there, came back, and booked my second trip. I ate bread and butter for an entire week after that, but no regrets at all.

If you could have an unlimited supply of anything, what would you choose?
Hands down, it’d have to be an unlimited supply of chocolate cake, all doused in chocolate sauce. Oh, and an unlimited metabolism to accompany that!

Is there anything you read or watched recently that impacted you greatly?
I’ve been reading many articles about how technology is doing more harm than good. It’s definitely improved our efficiency, but I question if it is really improving our quality of life. It upsets me to think I’ve fallen into the trap of it and would probably suffer without my devices. I’ve been particularly impacted by the articles on how using AirPods could potentially lead to health issues.

What’s the best advice anyone has given you?
What’s the worst that could happen?” A lot of times in life, I find myself asking this question. If I get fired—I’ll find another job. If I gain weight, I’ll lose it when I get back on track.

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