Ray Of Sunshine





Steve Madden



Sheila caught our eye in her cheery, lemon-yellow skirt, and an armful of parcels. She was going to mail out the most of them, though she says that one of it was a delivery for her. “I shop online a lot,” she says. “It’s more handy, especially if I don’t have the time to go out to shop.” Sheila juggles her work and her family, and laughs when we tell her that we admire that she still manages to find the time to put in effort into what she wears. “I dress up because I have to, for work,” she says. “But I mostly wear what I want.” Sheila prefers to keep things classy and elegant, and says she would never wear miniskirts, or anything too tight. She contrasts her full, feminine midi skirt with a utilitarian, button-up blouse and practical flats, but adds a little bit of bling in the form of a chunky necklace. Over the weekends, Sheila unwinds by inviting her extended family over for karaoke sessions, and they all get together to sing along. “We don’t do performances!” she says. “We can’t sing that well, but we all just like to sing together.” Sheila’s bright skirt is an indication of her cheery personality and her easygoing nature. Her current motto in life: go with the flow.
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