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“Most days my outfits are bright, cheery, and very girly,” Sarah says. “I love to personalise my outfits with a pop of colour or something outstanding.” Influenced by her mother, Sarah also swears by the subtle art of accessorising. “She is the first person who taught me the importance of looking your best at all times.” The former stewardess appreciates the chance to be out of uniform and wear whatever she likes; in fact, despite aspiring to travel the world, Sarah is pleasantly homely at heart. She views her mother as her role model; picked up a love of whisky from her father; and prefers the comforts of her mother’s cooking, regardless of the cuisine. “Italian, Japanese, French — okay, I think you get the idea. Basically, I like anything delicious. I think people who love to eat are always the best people!” She runs to keep all the eating in check, but says that she is no sportswoman. “I have zero hand-eye coordination and hate flying balls.” In her spare time, Sarah bakes and relives her favourite childhood pastime of reading. “I used to play with Barbie dolls and sit in the garden reading Enid Blyton books”. If she could do anything she wanted to, Sarah says she would love to volunteer at orphanages, be a Youtube star, bake more, and adopt 10 stray puppies. “Essentially, I would be a Angelina Jolie-Martha Stewart hybrid.”

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