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Share with us the scariest thing you’ve ever done:
Getting married. After all, it’s a lifelong commitment to someone for the rest of your life. Having said that, I am glad that I took that plunge, it’s scary but exciting.

If you had more time to do something, what would it be and why?
It would be to drive my Land Rover around the region and beyond; shoot pictures, camp, meet people, travel myself silly with my wife and family and just be away from the daily grind.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?
Teleportation! When I was young, I always imagined it would be useful, especially when I forgot to bring my homework to school. It would have gotten me out of trouble a lot of times. Also, if I could teleport I’d enter bank vaults and take money to give away to people who needed it.

Share more about your Co-Curricular Activity in school:
In Secondary school, I was the chairman of the ELDDS (English Literary Drama Debate Society), as well as House captain and Vice-President of the Student Council. My time in secondary school nurtured me to lead, which I’m really thankful for. There’s only so much you can learn and retain academically, but the soft skills and experiences really stay with you for life.

What’s something or someone you’re most proud of, and why?
I’m most proud of my parents, who sacrificed a lot to give me and my sisters a comfortable life. Like all parents, they wanted us to do well in school, but I’m thankful for their non-conformist attitude in taking our passions into consideration, and supporting us however we chose to excel. They didn’t have many options growing up, having pretty much worked in the family business all their lives. I think that’s why they wanted us to pursue things we love doing, and as long as we’re able to live comfortably, they’re cool with it.

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