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How has the pandemic affected your business?
Business has been a lot slower—it’s mostly our regulars who come back for hair cuts now, because the usual crowd at the CBD is mostly gone. It’s also affected me personally—my family is in Malaysia and I haven’t been able to go back this year.

As a hairstylist, what’s one thing you’d never do to your own hair?
I’d never dye my hair pink.

You’ve lived in both Malaysia and Singapore—what’s your favourite food from each place?
For Malaysian food, I like bak kut teh. When I’m in Singapore, I like eating chili crab.

Share with us an interesting request you’ve had from a customer.
There are a lot so I don’t keep track of them anymore (laughs). It’s easier to not remember them.

What’s a recent hair trend you’ve noticed during this year?
Earloop highlights that frame your face.

If you could change your occupation, what would you like to be? 
Hairdressing educator. I’ve been styling for more than 10 years now, so trying something new sounds nice.

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