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Something interesting about me:
I’m a mum to an almost one year old son. As a mother, I’ve learnt how to be more patient. You learn more things from your kid than you think!

How did you start off in the industry?
When I first graduated, I didn’t want a boring desk job. This is still a desk job but I think working in the advertising industry is better because there’s some fun to it so there’s some excitement. I’ve already been in this line for about eight years.

Favourite comfort food:
Yam cake! I love Chinese yam cake, the kind you eat for breakfast.

If someone were to offer you an unlimited supply of one thing, what would you ask for?
Houses, so that I can rent them out and be the ultimate landlord.

Share with us your most memorable trip.
Harbin with my family, where we experienced -30ºC winter and had snow fights. I fell totally sick and had to be admitted to the hospital because of food poisoning though.

If you could live in a movie, what would it be and why?
X-Men, because who doesn’t want super powers?

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