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Wai Hong
Graphic Designer



Pull & Bear




Pull & Bear



If you could be part of a TV series what would you choose and why?
Game of Thrones. I really like action-packed shows and I think the characters in the show are really cool.

I’m from Hong Kong but I’ve lived in Singapore for about 19 years.
My dad works here so he brought us over from Hong Kong to study and live.

What I miss most about Hong Kong would be:
My primary school friends and probably the food there. My favourite things to eat are the curry fish balls—the ones that they sell on the streets.

What’s your favourite Singaporean dish?
Chicken rice.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
The graphic design course that I chose to study in university. Previously, I was interested in interior design, which is quite different. When I decided on graphic design, it was one of the most major decisions I made in my life. I enjoy what I do very much.

Something on my bucket list:
To try skydiving.

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