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Tell us what you do for work. Why did you decide to go down this career path?
I took a short break after leaving my previous job at the Health Promotion Board (HPB) before starting a new job doing Corporate Communications for the Ministry of Culture, Community, & Youth (MCCY).

I actually did a fashion degree in LASALLE College of the Arts. After graduating, I thought it’d be easy for me to find a job in the fashion industry, but that wasn’t the case for me. By chance, I had the opportunity to work for the government, and decided to take on the role in the meantime.

I found that I really liked working in the government sector, which is something I never thought I’d say as someone from a creative background (laughs). It’s been pretty interesting to say the least!

Do you intend on returning to the fashion industry?
Being in the fashion industry is honestly very tough in Singapore. One of the things I found especially challenging was trying to stay consistent and true to myself in an ever-evolving landscape.

Even if I no longer decide to work in fashion, my style is something that will alway stay with me—that’s my greatest takeaway from fashion school and something that I’ll keep with me forever. That said, I’d love to start a resort wear brand one day.

What are you hoping to achieve as you enter this new job?
I want to become an entrepreneur in the future, so my plan is to learn more about leadership and team management skills that I can carry with me through life.

You mentioned that you dabble in modelling too. Can you tell us more about your experience?
I’ve been modelling for a local fashion brand, Young Hungry Free, for about two years. Being able to represent my culture and identity as a minority with this brand is really important to me, and it’s helped me to grow a lot in terms of my self-confidence.

Tell us about your tattoos.
Since I travel often, I started getting a new tattoo at every place I visit. I’ve got one from Australia and one from my latest trip to Spain. I’ll be visiting Paris at the end of the year, so I’ll likely get one there too.

What kind of a traveller would you say you are?
Oh here’s a fun fact: I wake up at 7AM whenever I’m on a holiday. Most of my family and friends feel that being on a holiday means you get to wake up late, but for me the whole point is to try everything and make the most out of each day since we’re already spending so much on the trip right? (laughs)

But regardless, I enjoy getting to sightsee and explore on my own in the early mornings. I’d love to properly go solo travelling around Europe one day.

Share with us the top two items on your bucket list.
When it comes to travelling, it’d be to celebrate Christmas in Iceland.

In general, though, I want to pursue a Master of Business Administration by the time I reach 30. I’m 27 now, so saving up for this will definitely be a huge accomplishment for me.

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