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Tell us where you’re originally from and why you moved to Singapore.
I’m from Bangkok and I moved to Singapore in 2019 with my family after my mum, who is a diplomat, was posted to the Royal Thai Embassy here.

I’ve since completed my Bachelor’s Degree and I’m now also working at the embassy as an assistant.

How has your experience been living, studying, and now working here?
Singapore actually wasn’t my first choice to further my studies in, but it’s really exceeded my expectations. In fact, my university life was everything I’d ever dreamed of! The higher quality of life here as compared to Thailand has also allowed me to truly enjoy my time with friends without constantly worrying about my safety.

I do see myself living here for the long term, provided I can find a job that can sponsor an S Pass. Honestly, I’d say most foreigners would love to stay here; it’s just difficult to get all the proper permits to do so.

As someone who has lived in several different countries growing up, how do you view the concept of home and belonging?
Over the years, I’ve pondered a lot about the idea of home, and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that home is not a place but rather the people. As clichéd as it sounds, my family is my true home.

To be honest, I often feel guilty for allocating most of my time and energy to them instead of my friends, but my family has been the only constant I’ve had through all the moves I’ve experienced in life, so naturally they are the ones I’ll prioritise, forever.

Share with us your favourite spots in Singapore!
Bugis (especially Haji Lane and Arab Street) has become my second home—I’m there at least two or three times a week! (laughs) I just love the vibes, people, and food there.

If you’re in the area, you must give The Halal Corner a try. They serve amazing local dishes with a unique Western spin that even my Thai friends love! For dessert, my go-to sweet treat is the Hazel Rocher drink at Rumi The Poet’s Cup.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?
I like anything that engages my creative side, be it painting, photography, or content creation.

Recently, I’ve been quite active on social media (@asma_urrs on TikTok) where I love sharing about my life, discovering new food spots, and connecting with new people!

As a hijabi, I also love sharing my outfits online to inspire other females to not restrict themselves when it comes to fashion, because I believe that dressing modestly can be fashionable too.

We hear that you’ll be living on your own soon! What are some things you’re excited, and likewise anxious, about?
My parents will be moving back to Thailand for good, so I’ll be relocating to a new apartment with my younger sister. Of course I’m sad that our family will be separated, but I’m actually excited to finally be living that independent girl life! (laughs)

While I consider myself to be fairly independent, this new journey will undoubtedly bring a lot more growth. For one, I’m super anxious about having to deal with insects, especially geckos. There’re not exactly my favourite creatures, and just the mere thought of them gives me goosebumps!

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