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Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m originally from Moscow, Russia. I moved to Singapore to continue my career in marketing, and I’ve  lived here for a year and a half now. I’ve visited more than twenty countries all over the world, but this is my first work experience abroad.

What’s one thing you miss most about home?
Singapore has so much to offer that it’s a very comfortable and convenient place, which is why it’s hard to express what I miss about Russia the most. However, if I had to pick a couple of things, one would probably be the Moscow theatre plays. In Russia, theatre art is a real asset. Beyond theatre, I also miss the seasons; when autumn replaces spring and summer, and the coming of winter. When you get to experience all of the seasons, time seems to slow down and allows you to truly enjoy it.

Apart from your home, what’s your favourite place in Singapore?
I have a few favourite places here. I like to walk down the streets with Peranakan houses, buzzing Bugis, and colourful Haji lane. I love the food at Lau Pa Sat and the Ramadan bazaar at Geylang. I especially love Bugis after learning the history of the area.

One tip you’d give to people who are planning to migrate:
Be open-minded, connect with the locals, try new food, and research about local traditions. You’ll enjoy learning about the history and your new surroundings. As one of the few places on Earth with such diversity, Singapore gives you unique opportunities to learn about different cultures, dismantle stereotypes, extend boundaries, and truly feel like a global citizen.

What’s something not many people know about you?
I try to be pretty open and not have any secrets, but one thing most people probably do not know about me is that I’m an aesthete: I love and appreciate the beauty and harmony of different areas within nature, interiors, architecture, and even in communication.

What’s your favourite childhood story or fairytale?
One of my favourite fairytales is The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, which is about love, friendship, adventure, and the strength of mind. It’s a story about finding a noble purpose, and about eternal values that are relevant to any age, culture and time period.

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