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If you could be any fabric, what would it be and why?
It’d definitely be silk. It’s smooth, slippery, light, it flows with the wind, and that’s a bit like me. I’m a very fluid person; I just go with the flow. It also adapts to the temperature of its environment, and I can relate to that because I adapt easily to my surroundings.

Can you share some fond childhood memories you have of Shanghai, where you grew up?
My grandma would always walk me to school, and every day we would stop by a xiao long bao (steamed dumpling) stall where I would eat an entire basket all by myself. That would always be my breakfast before school, so I was quite fortunate in that sense. (laughs)

Do you have any favourite places in Shanghai that you’d recommend people visit?
Instead of just visiting the Bund like most other tourists, I’d suggest walking through the clusters of old houses. The stark contrast between the old buildings and skyscrapers is an interesting sight, and I think it’s a better way of experiencing the real Shanghai.

Tell us about your most memorable travel experience.
There are a few, but Tibet was my first time travelling somewhere that felt like the ends of the earth. I remember an old lady we stayed with who showed us how she made butter from yak milk, and the textiles and embroidery she’d made herself. I felt touched by how pure and simple their way of life was, and just being in her presence and feeling so welcome made me feel like she was my own grandmother.

Most exotic food you’ve tried on your travels:
I’ve eaten bugs like worms and scorpions, but one experience that stands out would be butter tea in Tibet, which was made from yak butter. The taste was too strong for me—it just tasted like butter and salt mixed into hot water—but I just had to finish it out of courtesy for our host. (laughs)

Linda was previously seen herehere and here.

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