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You’re currently in the middle of your gap year—how has the experience been?
A gap year is the chance to explore different options which is what I’ve been trying to do: get a taste of the industries I’m interested in. So far I’ve interned at a radio station and a food blog, and now I’m interning at an eyecare brand. I also did an Europe tour last year, where we went to Spain and France, so it’s been quite a fruitful period.

Share with us something interesting about your outfit:
My pants are actually cargo pants from SOTA (School Of The Arts) (laughs). They always come handy whenever I need it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
I see myself working in an advertising firm, hopefully my own, if I become good enough to reach that point.

Do you have a motto you stick by?
I always tell myself to produce more than I consume. In such an intensive digital age, we tend to consume more than we ever put out, and I think it’s so important to create more. As creatives, practice is always the path to perfection.

What’s one untrue assumption people tend to make about you?
People tend to assume that I’m very loud and goofy, partly because of the way I dress. There are parts of me which are actually very introverted.

Share with us a new year resolution that you hope to work on this year.
I’m a very social person, so I’ve been working on seeking comfort within myself. I’ve been trying to take myself out, eat alone, and go to movie theatres by myself so that I’m comfortable in my own skin, with myself.

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