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What’s a lesson that you’ve learned from your work?
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I work in digital marketing for the F&B industry, and it’s really different from other fields in that it’s very fast-paced. Sometimes when faced with a challenge, you might think that you can’t do it, but with a little help from everyone you eventually get to where you need to be.

What are some important traits someone should have in order to to succeed?
It’s what I’d call the ‘ka-zhuah’ (Hokkien for cockroach) spirit—just don’t give up, and keep trying.

Describe your sense of style.
I mostly wear dark and neutral colours—black, grey and white, with some denim thrown in, but I like to add some detail with items that have pleats or asymmetrical silhouettes.

Tell us more about your tattoos—what are they about?
They’re mostly botanical, and I have some that are of skulls. I just grew up really liking plants and flowers; I keep plants at home but they die quite easily. (laughs)

What’s a plant that best describes you?
A cactus, because they can thrive in different environments, and I like to think of myself as quite resilient.

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