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River Island

Tell us about yourself—what do you do?
I work in digital marketing for Pulse, which is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinic.

What interested you in TCM?
I like that it’s a preventive form of health care. Western or modern medicine is fast-acting, but it doesn’t take a holistic approach to wellness.

What’s something about TCM not many people know about?
That it can be modernised and easily understood by the public. All our physicians are local and bilingual, so that’s part of how we’re trying to make TCM accessible to everyone.

If there was a dish that represents you, what would it be?
Mapo tofu. Because it looks bland on the outside, but it’s actually spicy.

If there was a theme song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?
Black Beauty, by Lana del Rey. Black is something that’s often viewed negatively, but it can be beautiful as well.

What’s a quote or philosophy that you live by?
“Oh well”. When something bad happens, the only thing to do is to just move on.

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