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Cath Kidston

This is your first job after graduating from university—what are some of the biggest differences between school and working life that you’ve experienced?
A lot of it has had to do with working with people in a real-world setting, and learning how to interact with different kinds of personalities. You also experience that in school, but school is a very controlled environment. Besides that, the consequences are also more real, because the work you do can impact other people’s careers and your company’s standing.

What are some traits that you think are important to have in order to succeed?
It’s important to be tenacious, confident, and to keep fighting for what you believe in, because those are the things that keep you moving forward.

How do you unwind from work?
I watch TV shows and go fishing on the weekends, and I also try to keep fit by doing pilates and yoga. I like to go to Lower Seletar Reservoir to fish, and if I want to catch saltwater fish I go to the Marina Bay area. I like that fishing is a very peaceful experience and a chance to get away from city life.

What are some of your favourite shows?
I recently finished watching Jane The Virgin, and I’m currently watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. One show I like is Terrace House, which is a Japanese reality TV series where six young people spend a summer living together in a house. It’s like Jersey Shore, except it’s not trashy. (laughs) It’s a very refreshing change because there’s no drama and everyone’s so polite to each other.

If you could change one thing about the world, big or small, what would it be and why?
Maybe the way people view each other. Everyone has a story, so people might be a bit kinder to each other if we could understand the things someone’s been through.

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