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What’s one strange or existential thought that you’ve had in the shower?
Not sure if this counts as strange or existential, but when I’m in the shower, I tend to think a lot about the random people I’ve met or crossed paths with, like strangers I’ve had brief conversations with, or just people I’ve noticed on the street. I’ll wonder how they’re doing, and if they remember the encounter we had.

That, or I spend my showers playing out fictional scenarios in my head, like what I would do in a fight with someone, or things I wish I’d said in an argument that happened.

What’s something that made you smile in the past week?
I was seated near the entrance/exit while eating at a restaurant, and I saw a family stop outside to flip through the menu. They had a chubby little boy wearing a Pikachu hat with them, and he started throwing a silent tantrum because he wanted to leave. I thought that was so cute. It made me laugh (laughs).

What’s one takeaway or thought you had from your recent trip to Australia? Any recommendations?
I think one major takeaway I got is how easy it is to make someone’s day. I had a lot of little conversations with strangers when I was there, and they were just simple things like them asking if they could take a picture of my socks so they could knit something similar at home, asking where I was from and what it’s like in Singapore, how cute my outfit looked, or even just a passing comment about how lovely the weather was. Made me realise how unfriendly we are in Singapore (laughs), but I guess friendliness comes a lot easier without a mask on—most of the people masked up in Australia were Asians, interestingly.

As for recommendations, I would say just travel out of the city! Smaller suburbs are so different from the big cities. Everything’s slower and quieter and more peaceful, and though there’s not much to do, there’s a whole lot to see. One of my favourite days in Australia was spent walking around the suburb with my boyfriend Ian, without data or a map because our SIM cards were faulty, and just exploring little shops and interacting with the locals.

Where would you like to travel to next?
Shanghai, definitely, though it’s quite impossible to do so right now. I have some friends that I met while interning there pre-COVID, and it makes me so sad hearing all of their lockdown stories, and seeing how much a city I once called home has changed. I miss the food, the people, and the sights a lot. I’ve been trying my best to find a decent jianbing stall in Singapore, but there really isn’t any. I miss that the most! I used to have it for breakfast everyday (laughs).

Tell us about your favourite purchase you’ve made in the past few months.
Tough question, because I’m wildly indecisive. I think it would have to be a red leather bag I thrifted for only $20, a pair of jeans (also thrifted) that fit me perfectly almost as if it was made for me, or a cool dress I found at The Fashion Pulpit when I was there picking out pieces for this year’s SOTY (read the features if you haven’t!).

That, and there’s also this jar of homemade chilli relish I bought at a weekend market in Australia. It’s everything I love in a condiment—a little bit of heat, acidity, and some sweetness. Wow I could really go on and on, I can’t decide (laughs).

You mentioned you have a fear of butterflies and moths because you had a traumatic incident with them when you were younger. What 3 emojis would best describe how you’d feel stuck in a room full of them?

How would you describe your sense of style?
I don’t really know how to put a label on my style, but I’d say that it reflects me and how I’m feeling.

I like statement pieces that have cool details, like maybe a funky print, bright colours, cool textures, or an unusual shape. I would say the pieces I pick out typically don’t look good on the rack until they’re worn (laughs). I’m also really short, so I like pieces that make me look tall, and anything with pockets really. Baggy bottoms are great and comfortable too.

Kim was previously seen here.

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