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Tell us about yourself—what do you do?
I’m working part-time as a waitress. I took up the job while I was waiting for my A-Level results, and also to hear back from a publication that I applied to for an internship. Besides that, I also dance and taught dance at one time.

What are you hoping to study in university?
I’m trying to decide between literature and psychology, but I’d also like to keep my options open for now.

What’s something not many people know about you?
I don’t eat meat. I don’t think I’ll ever go vegan because I really like milk and eggs; it’s just that I much prefer tofu over meat when it comes to protein.

What’s an interesting experience you’ve had related to dance?
When my toenail fell off. Apparently it happens quite often to dancers, but I’d never experienced it and thought of it as something of a myth. I didn’t realise it when it happened because I didn’t feel any pain, and I only found out after I took my shoes off. (laughs)

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