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Bottega Veneta

You’re a podcast producer—share with us more about it.
Our podcast, Something Private, focuses on female health and wellness. We chose to do this because we agreed that yes, there are ongoing conversations about it, but it’s not enough. With an audio format, we can change this difficult and awkward subject to make it feel like you’re sharing an intimate conversation with a friend. It’s a space where girls can tell their stories and learn about ourselves in a more anonymous manner, because you have more room to protect your identity.

What lead you to this role?
I think the podcast itself came from the need to tell undiscovered and untold stories which cannot be told in a traditional medium like text or video. The podcast scene is still very new in Asia and not as developed as it is in the Western world, so we thought it would be a good venture to explore a new format.

Moving forward, is there a topic you’d really like to cover in a new series?
I think any podcast works best when the host is invested in the topic they’re talking about. For me, personally, I want to cover mental and emotional wellness, which are equally important. Another topic I’m interested is romance—it’s not that Singaporeans are lousy at it, but with all the policies surrounding marriage and housing, our love has become very transactional and practical. I want to break out of it.

What’s the most difficult part about your job?
The hours. I enjoy what I do, but being in a 9 to 5 is quite tough when you miss out on so much of daylight. I’m a person who likes to have my regular dose of sunshine, and most times when you step out of work after being in your office the entire day, the sun’s already gone.

What’s your favourite part about being in Singapore?
Singapore is quite a global hub, so it pays off that I work in the media industry. I think generally the people I’ve met so far have been open-minded and supportive enough to push me in the right direction. We’re in the midst of a second media boom, with the region around us developing and maturing, so it’s an exciting place and time to be in to shape the future of the industry.

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