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What are you majoring in in university?
My major is Communications and New Media, and I’m currently studying in NUS. I came from a polytechnic, so I can actually get the whole degree programme done in 2.5 years. My goal is to finish it fast and get out, and then just go about and do whatever I want, because I’m still young.

What made you want to go into university instead of just working after graduating from poly?
I actually didn’t have the intention of going to uni. My intention was to take a gap year to travel, explore my options, and continue modelling as well just to see how far I can get. But when I graduated from poly, Singapore went into lockdown, because it was March 2020, and COVID-19 had just hit. I couldn’t go anywhere, so I was like, I should just go to uni and finish it. And at least now I’ll get a degree!

When did you first start modelling?
Oh, I started a long time ago, like when I was 16 or 17? But it was a side hustle because I was still focusing a lot on school. It was only after my last year of poly that I became more serious about it.

I thought now that I have a diploma, I can still find a job, at least when I want to, so I can just spend time exploring modelling as far as I can. Alternatively, if it doesn’t take off or go really well, then I still have a fallback plan, which would be going into art direction. In fact, I just ended my internship at an advertising agency.

What do you enjoy most about modelling?
It’s tough to say. I like the entire process of it, because I love the fact that every time I go for a different shoot, it’s a very different concept each time. Then I get to meet new people, and everyone is so creative, and I just enjoy the energy brought to each shoot.

It’s also exciting, because nothing is the same. So every day, when I go for castings and all that, it will never be the same thing. It’s always different as opposed to a desk-bound job, and I like that.

How would you typically describe your style?
I think it’s quite casual, but it really depends on my mood. Most of the time, I like to dress more androgynously. But then sometimes, there are days where I feel like I want to be more girly, or more tomboyish, so it really depends on my mood. But I think today, it was more like I felt cute, and it’s my last day at work, so I thought I’d dress up.

Apart from modelling, what do you like to do in your free time?
I like to make things. Last summer, I started a ring business on Instagram called Fool’s Loot for fun. But then school got a bit busy, so I stopped for a while. And during COVID, I was making t-shirts. Like crop tops and stuff out of old shirts.

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