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While Jenny says she has a problem balancing work and life, it’s not what people usually think.  “I spend far too much time at the gym doing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and it is such an addiction that I constantly work my schedule around it,” she says. It is fortunate for Jenny, then, that as a director in a family-owned business, her work hours are flexible, and she is able to indulge in her passion. In this neon-yellow shift dress and comfortable, glitzy sneakers, Jenny’s usual style is often a reflection of her active lifestyle. “I’m at the gym a lot, both before work and after, so I prefer fuss-free clothes that I can change in and out of easily,” she says. Nonetheless, she always adds a little personal touch to her outfits. “My personal style signifier is a statement bag.” However, she recommends investing in wardrobe staples like a good wrap dress, a well-cut jacket, and tailored pants. “Buy things that fit you well and make you look smart,” she says. “Impressions are everything; it’s superficial but true.” And true to her fighting spirit, Jenny’s advice for when the going gets tough is to stick it out. “Nothing is easy in the beginning,” she says. “The world does not owe you anything; you’ve got to fight for it. And fighting takes time.”
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