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Share with us the meaning behind your name, Andromeda.
My dad is a sailor, so he named all his children after astronomical objects.

I was named after the Andromeda Galaxy. My brother, Orion, was named after the constellation, and my sister, Nunki, was named after a star in the Orion Nebula.

Tell us about your field of study. Is this something you want to pursue in the future?
I’ve just completed my second year of the Design Communication diploma at Lasalle College of the Arts and I’ll be starting an internship at a creative studio soon. I’m nervous but excited at the same time!

After I graduate, I’ll have to serve my National Service first, of course. After that, I plan to further my studies overseas. I’m aiming for the University of the Arts London, but I heard it’s tough to get into.

What is your main scope of work and where do you get your inspiration from?
I mostly work with motion graphics and photo collages. Ever since my latest studio project, I’ve also started working with 3D modelling as well, so I’ll be brushing up on that before my internship starts.

I’m half Indonesian—my dad is Javanese—so the way I approach my works has been influenced by what I learn from my culture, history, and people. As a designer, I find that having ample knowledge in those aspects greatly helps me create symbolism in my works.

You mentioned that you frequently experience sleep paralysis. How does it affect your daily life?
I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was young, but it only worsened in my teenage years. It reached a point where the sleep paralysis happened almost every night, and I developed a fear of sleeping which resulted in insomnia.

I don’t struggle with sleep paralysis as much now because I can tell when it’s about to happen, so I’m able to prevent it. I’ve learnt to make my environment as comfortable as possible with LED lights, ambient sounds, and an air purifier to create a dreamy vibe. Even my friends say that my room is very comfy, so I guess it’s working! (laughs)

What are some ways that you practise self-care?
I value my personal time and space, so I like to have a week or two to myself after exhausting periods. On a school night, I’ll try to relax on my bed with the lights dimmed, music on, and a face mask on.

I even curated a Spotify playlist called LUCID-26 with a lot of R&B and soul music to replicate the calming feeling of dreaming.

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