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Tell us about your fashion style. How did your interest in fashion start?
Well, I’ve always liked dressing up since I was in my teens—I wanted to be a model but look at my height! For me, fashion comes before function. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or if people think I’m crazy, I’ll wear a coat or a floppy hat if I want to.

So yes. I’m dressed over-the-top from Monday to Friday because when I look good, I feel more confident and powerful, and it helps me get through the work week.

What do you do for work?
I’m an Office Manager at a recruitment company. It’s not a very glamorous job but it pays my bills. But I do like working at Raffles Place because I get to show off my outfits—it’s like my personal runway (laughs).

How do you like to spend your free time?
I bake a lot. In fact, I used to run an online cupcake business but it got too tedious to handle all the different aspects of the business on my own, especially as a perfectionist.

My signature flavours are banana chocolate and earl grey lavender because I personally like them. I sometimes bake for my friends and colleagues too, but if they don’t like these flavours then it’s too bad (laughs).

You’re a single mum of two. How have things changed now that your children are grown up?
Even though many people say that I look too young to be a mum, I actually have two kids aged 17 and 21.

It used to be just us three spending time together but now that they’ve become their own people, I hardly see them around. I’m asleep by the time they come home and they’re still in bed when I leave for work, so it gets a bit lonely sometimes.

But I’m looking forward to an upcoming trip to Europe with my son. I’m excited to see how this trip will go because we’ve only ever been on short trips together and I prefer to travel alone.

Why do you enjoy traveling solo?
When I’m on a holiday, I want to be stress-free and not have to accommodate others. I prefer to visit museums and cultural sites rather than shop, so whoever I travel with needs to understand that or everyone will be unhappy.

You’re going on a date tonight. What do you look for in a first date?
I’m quite picky when choosing the right match because I have high expectations. Because I dress well, I expect the other party to do the same. I don’t mind if they choose to dress down after we’ve been going out for a few months—I’d probably do the same, but if they don’t try to impress me on our first meeting, it just shows that they’re not bothered with the date.

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