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If you’re one for supporting local, you might be familiar with Boutique Fairs Singapore, a biannual shopping affair featuring hundreds of Singapore-based, design-forward brands. Just a while back, we were invited to their Spring Summer 2024 Edition to shoot both visitors and vendors alike on-the-ground.

That Friday, the sweltering heat and never-ending crowd had us seeking respite among the many booths more often than not, and while sifting through a rack of vibrant beach dresses on one of our mid-shoot breaks, Kelly’s cute brown hat caught our eyes. Dressed from head to toe in a well-coordinated getup that she later told us was sourced from Hong Kong, she got us thinking—who knew neutrals could look so good?

We made our way through the crowd to say hello; despite being pressed for time, she greeted us with a warm smile and bashfully accepted our invitation for a quick photoshoot. Much to our delight, any shyness that might have held Kelly back immediately vanished the moment she stood in front of the camera, and she flowed naturally into elegant poses as we snapped shot after shot of her.

As we got into the groove of things, Kelly warmed up to us and shared a bit about her job as the managing director of MTM Labo, a skincare brand hailing from Japan. Though we were eager to learn more, she told us that she still had much shopping left to do, and so we parted ways after our final shot. ’Til next time, perhaps!

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