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What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
So many things, but also nothing. There are many hobbies that I would love to excel in, but I personally feel that never having experienced failure at all is worse than the concept of failure itself.

Three things on your personal to-do list when you have the time:
Exercising, reading, and doing something creative. I’ve recently been trying to take better care of my body by working out and eating right, but I’ve developed a somewhat love-hate relationship with exercising. I like how both my body and mind feel energised after a good workout, but I also feel that my perseverance level is quite low so it’s always a struggle to not give up.

I’ve always loved reading because I also love to write, and I think the two go hand-in-hand—I get inspired by what I read, and pen down my own thoughts when I’m in that state of mind. For me, doing something creative is also an act of expressing myself. More than being a creative outlet just for myself, it’d be great if I could do these activities with the people I love.

You’ve been working out regularly for a while—what’s something you’ve learnt from it?
Consistency. No matter how many reps you did (or didn’t do), just making a commitment to be consistent in your workouts and to slowly make it into a habit, and ultimately, a lifestyle, is more than good enough.

What’s something people might find strange about you?
I can burp on demand, which is a party trick I’ve used way too many times!

How has your style changed over the years?
It’s definitely taken a more minimalistic slant: I dress more minimally, and only buy clothes that I really need. I cut my hair quite short a few months back, so that has altered the way I dress a little bit too—I’ve been trying to incorporate statement earrings into my daily wear, and find new ways to style my hair to deal with that awkward growing-out stage.

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