Statuesque Siren








Gisela’s three words to describe her style is “I-don’t-care”, but it seems to us her lack of caring is amazing enough! Having recently joined a gym for regular workouts, her hard work can be seen in her super-tall and toned physique. The lady worked a very sophisticated look with her flouncy top tucked into a sleek pencil skirt, statement necklace and a chic bunned-up hairstyle with large, angular glasses. She doesn’t care for any current style influences but loves fashion of the past, which she thinks is “funny, like dressing up.” Furthering her penchant for the old, she lists a long list of historical icons for her dinner guest list. “Napoleon, to check if he really had Napoleon Complex; Shakespeare to know what gender was “he”; Groucho Marx to have a laugh; Muhammad, Charlemagne and Marcus Aurelius for rulers. Alexander the Great, to see if he was so smart; and Jim and Sterling Morrison for the music.”

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