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Cherin started the year on a life-changing note. “I was in Iceland with my fiancé on New Year’s Day. The locals built a three-story bonfire and set off firecrackers, and we caught the Northern Lights just as the clock struck 12,” she says. “The whole experience was just so surreal.” Cherin runs LAANK, an interior design company, and now that we’re deep into the year, she has been able to look back and reflect on how far they’ve come. “One milestone, on a personal level, would be seeing individual team members grow this year, and being able to independently achieve good design work while keeping close to our philosophies.” Being in the industry for 12 years has given Cherin a clearer idea of what an ideal workspace would be like. “It would have to be a 10,000 sq ft space, with skylights, courtyards, balconies and gardens—a design playground that will house fellow design companies of different industries, where we can all come together and deliver as a community,” she says. “A space that fosters transparency, offers multiple choices as to how and where to work, and an environment that imitates life outside the office. An environment that is fabulously fun for us, and one where you can feel the love in the space.”

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