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When it comes to jazzing up his workwear, Jonathan goes beyond just the usual tie or cufflink, playing around instead with a wider variety of designs and details. “Different coloured buttons, trimmings, suit linings, socks, pocket squares, tie pins, and lapel pins are examples of what I look out for,” he says. Since entering the workforce—and as his friends get older, he says—Jonathan has had lesser occasions to dress casually over the years. “I guess I take it as an opportunity to try out more styles according to the event I go to, be it a wedding, or luxury or streetwear brand event.” Jonathan enjoys his work in investor relations and would not trade it for anything else; though if he could start over, he’d tell himself to try out different things along the way and on the side. “Be it in sports, new skills or just more knowledge, the sky’s the limit. Learn and experience as much as you can.” His personal goal this year is to do just that. “I think something like creating an app would be a good skill to have.” Even with work and this personal project on hand, Jonathan makes sure to take some time off to relax and destress, either by enjoying some live music and alcohol at Mad Men Attic Bar on Saturdays, or going on holiday to his favourite travel destination, Bali. “I make a trip there every year; the great food and ambience is always refreshing.”


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