Straight Lines


Xin Yi



Runway Bandits







Working in the creative industry, Xinyi doesn’t have any problems with the dress code, nor does she have the pressure to constantly be dressed to the nines. “I can wear dark colours every day, or a shirt and jeans if I’m feeling lazy.” Describing her style to be simple and chic, she says that her favourite wardrobe staples are actually shirts and oversized shirt dresses, and we see that reflected in her outfit today. She teams her simple A-line shift dress with an eye-catching tartan tote, and chooses to go sporty-casual with a pair of black sneakers. A lady of few words, Xinyi believes in working smart instead of working hard, and loves that her job gives her the freedom to explore. Her only gripe? “I dislike being rushed.” It’s no wonder, then, that when it comes to managing a work-life balance, Xinyi believes in planning ahead, and sticking to a schedule to make sure she accomplishes all that she wants to — keeping things straightforward and easy, as it is with her style.

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