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Reshan aspires to own a line of wearable fashion in the future. “I want to give people the confidence they deserve when wearing any garment.” His appreciation for ready-to-wear apparel can be seen through his outfit today, a navy jumper smartly layered over a white shirt, styled with unique accessories and shoes. “I like to personalize my outfits by having one piece of clothing or accessory that is either fun or bold. It could be my silver Casio watch, Lego iPhone case, or a funky tie.” Despite the need to dress formally — a requirement when meeting clients — he tries to keep things interesting by opting for bold but professional-looking colours. “My advice for workwear is that you should never try too hard to look good,” he says. “When in doubt, less is always more.” Reshan loves making people laugh, and finds joy and satisfaction in making someone’s day. “I think laughter is genuinely the best medicine!” He maintains this optimistic and jovial attitude at work too; despite the late nights, he enjoys working in teams to provide solutions for people. “What I love about my job is that the work I do is significantly influential, and I find it extremely rewarding.” He believes that one should be flexible and adaptive, with a willingness to learn from people that you meet. “Communicating goes a long way, and it’s good to always ask questions when in doubt.” Reshan also finds it important to plan things out in advance, which allows him to allocate time for work and leisure. “Four months ago, I was in Brazil for two weeks, and last Christmas, I traveled around Cambodia for a week.” He also enjoys photography during his free time and finds it important to enjoy life’s moments by jumping at opportunities when presented. “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning how to dance in the rain — just go for it!”

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