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Share with us a bit about what you do for work. How long have you been in this job?
I’m the Head of Sales at Chan Brothers Express, a travel agency as part of the Chan Brothers Group that specialises in beach and snow holidays.

I’ve been in this company for 13 years, ever since I left school. The reason why I’ve stayed for so long is because I have a very good boss and I get to travel around the world too, both for work and leisure.

We hear that you’re a new mum! How has your travel style changed since becoming a parent?
It’s changed a lot! Now that I have an 18-month-old kid, I no longer have my own personal time to go shopping or do whatever I want; everything needs to be kid-friendly.

That’s why I’d recommend families with small children like mine to go for all-inclusive resort vacations and avoid long travel time. My favourite place for a beach holiday would be Club Med Kani in the Maldives.

What was your experience being in the travel sector during the Covid-19 pandemic?
It was definitely tough during the travel ban, and colleagues even started to leave one by one. Thankfully, my company sent us for training programmes so that we could upgrade our skills in the down time.

During that period, I also studied cosmetology in my free time, as makeup has always been an interest of mine. It so happened that my makeup teacher works in MediaCorp so I got to meet a few artistes through her. They taught me many things from makeup and fashion to tips and tricks for taking pictures on an iPhone. I wish I had makeup on today to show you! (laughs)

How do you find time for yourself outside of work and mum duties?
I’ve been sleep training my kid, so I usually have time to myself after 8:30PM. Self-care for me can be as simple as scrolling through social media on my, phone or doing some online shopping. Sometimes, I like to play the piano and read too.

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