Spring Blooms



Tell us where you’re originally from why you decided to move to Singapore.
I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I moved here two years ago with my family for my husband’s job and for better education opportunities for our children, aged two and five.

How is life in Singapore as compared to Japan?
Both countries are very different—the people, language, weather, and of course the education system.

There are also many kinds of food to enjoy here like chicken rice and ABC soup. As for Japanese food, our favourite spot is Sushiro (laughs).

We really like living here and hope to stay for the long run!

Walk us through a typical weekend with your family.
We usually take our daughters for extracurricular activities like dance classes. We also like going to East Coast Park to enjoy a picnic or to let the girls play at the playground.

You were a designer back in Japan. Is this something you’re pursuing here too?
I’m not working right now, but I recently started designing and selling my own textiles online. In my free time, I like to sew clothes for my children too.

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