Sweet Dreams


Brand Manager




When Alicia isn’t busy at work, she’s busy running her own online boutique, which involves sourcing trips to Seoul where she looks for up-and-coming young designers, with fashion-forward styles suitable for the everyday woman. “I started the store because I wanted to bring in quality pieces and unique designs that people could incorporate into their work wardrobe,” she says. Alicia is quite the busy bee, but her love for fashion keeps her going in both her day job and her side project. “I’ve always loved fashion, and appreciated how clothes are designed and constructed. It’s an art,” she says. “I love that I’m constantly exposed to the latest fashion and trends, and it keeps me inspired to work towards my dream of starting my own label.” Beyond her passion, Alicia says that she’s thankful for a strong support group that gets her through her 12-hour workdays. “I try to manage my time by doing things on the go and taking time off to just pamper myself when I really need a break,” she says. And the three little words that give her an extra push when she really needs it? “Don’t stop dreaming.”

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