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How did you get into styling, and how long have you been in the industry?
It was always my dream to be in the fashion world. When I was in my teenage years, I used to buy and read a lot of fashion magazines. So I went to the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to study Fashion Merchandising, and when I graduated, I joined Mediacorp as a stylist. It was my first job and it’s been 12 years since then and I’m still here!

What’s the biggest project you’ve worked on?
I’m currently working on The Little Nyonya spinoff, Emerald Hill, which is quite a big project for me right now. It’s a turn-of-century show so it’s super interesting. It’s set in the ‘50s to the ‘70s, so it’s quite fun trying to source for suitable vintage pieces and fabrics that we can work with.

In your 12 years at Mediacorp, have you ever worked on a project overseas?
Yeah I have! Previously, I worked on a show called A Quest to Heal, which was a show about time travelling.I got to travel to China when we were filming the period scenes, which was really memorable for me.

There’s this small town in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province called Hengdian, which is basically a movie world in China. It’s where they’ve set up replicas of all the olden Chinese palaces and streets for the purpose of filming period dramas and movies. It’s really very amazing to see the scale of it all. Some really famous shows like Eternal Love were shot there!

If you could work on any project in the world, what would it be and why?
I want to style a Hollywood movie, and work more on costume design as opposed to merely styling. So many big films these days have such amazing wardrobe and costume options, like Poor Things for instance—the costumes were just wow!

Tell us more about your life outside of work.
I love to gym—going to the gym and doing weight training is my way of relieving stress (laughs).

Apart from that, I’m quite the family girl. I was very close to my mum before she passed away three years ago. She raised my sister and I as a single parent, so we both really respected her because we knew how tough a life she led. Now, it’s just my sister and I, but even then, she’s already married with three kids—one just turned one, and the other two are aged five and eight.

Wow! What is it like being an aunt?
I really enjoy it! I don’t really like kids actually, I only like my nephews (laughs). They’re all still pretty young and rowdy, but you know boys lah, they just love running around.

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