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With her statuesque frame, it’s not hard to believe that Grace signed a modelling contract when she was 18, although she’s since left the modelling to “clearly more gorgeous beings”. These days, she’s working in tech, and although she’s not any less well-put-together, she’s come to believe that at work, personal expression should come from the mind, and what you wear shouldn’t distract from that. “When you’ve got more to offer than a flash of thigh or cleavage (or semblance of it, in my case), you appreciate good design that speaks about you, and not for you. Still, Iris Apfel said it’s better to be happy than to be well-dressed, so I’ve made a recent resolution to be less judgemental of people for what they wear. You’d be surprised at how much better you relate to someone else!” When it comes to picking her clothes, Grace says that the quality and fit, tenets of menswear, are things she’s grown to appreciate. “The tomboy in me has grown a little picky with that.” This endearing tomboyishness shows itself in other aspects as well; Grace isn’t “one of those #stopdropyoga chicks”, although she sometimes wishes she were, and says that she’d pick a pint of Kilkenny and good friends, anytime, for a good way to wind down. Ever grounded and down-to-earth, Grace is enjoying her work for the moment, but says that if she could do anything she wanted to right now, she’d be an art collector, and doing little things that matter. “Like being at home, and teaching Dad how to email.”

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